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Hello, my name is Lisa. I used to run a little craft business out of Desert Hills, Az called, "A Little Country in the Desert." That was about twenty years ago now. Because of an illness that I have I was unable to keep it going. Now I'm in Wi and trying to restart my little business of making crafts. I am still sick but this gives me something positive to do during my waking hours..which are always since I'm an insufferable insomniac. :)

Anyways, I'm trying to renew this hobby of mine of painting and working with wood. It feels good to be creative and thanks to Pinterest, I am getting lots of fun ideas to try from other artists too. I try to always credit something if I see  it done by someone else first, but in case I forget, just message me and I'll give ya some credit. :)

I am just starting over again and could use some help building up supplies and tools again. If you have any extra craft supplies that you don't use or need please help a sister out. I am not picky, I can refurbish or use anything, buttons, pins, nails, screws, dremel tool bits, hooks,  knobs,  paints, glues, string, yarn, you name it, I will find a project to make it into.

You can mail them to:

Crafty Diva
PO Box 204
Genoa City, WI 53128

Thank you!

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