Saturday, June 28, 2014

Turning an Old Shelf into a Doll House

 My mom's friend found this old shelf on a curb, so I decided to turn it into a doll house for my grandaughter.

Painting sand and water on the bottom layer.

I used scrap paper and Mod Podged it to the walls to look like old vintage floral wall paper.

I used glass marbles to give a 3-D affect to the water.

Ok at this point, I got all the little houses added and glued in. I am now starting to paint little sea creatures along the bottom.

Hung some ribbon and sparky jewels as a divider between floors. Haven't decided if I like that or not yet.

Collected some sand from a camping trip and Mod Podged it down to the bottom floor to give it a real beachy affect. Basically I tried just painting Mod Podge down and then pouring the sand over it but that didn't work so well. So I ended up mixing sand with about 1/2 c of Mod Podge, mixing it together then painting it down. The end result looks pretty cool and the Mod Podge makes it hard on top so it's easy to wipe it clean. 

Got the top painted too. The left hand side is going to be a diner so I made black and white squares to look like floor tile. The right side will be an outside area for horses/fairy tale land. 

Just starting to order accessories like the fence to be installed. 

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