Monday, March 3, 2014

Making a Distressed Cottage Necklace Holder

Do It Yourself Jewelry Rack Holder

What You Will Need

Wood, Paint, Mod Podge, Crystal Knobs, Brushes, Drill, Dremel Tool or Sand Paper

1. First, to give your piece of wood the "weathered or distressed" look, you will need to sand around the edges giving it indents and random dents. 

2. Paint the base your preferred colors. I used several green paint hues. 

 Make sure to blend the different shades well, so that there is not any obvious edges. 

2. After base coat dries, paint a top coat using a different color. I chose an off white for this piece. 

3. To give it a weathered look, sand around the edges. 

 Make sure to sand enough so that the grain of the wood shows through on the edges and the front of the board. 

4. Paint over the board with Mod Podge. It will seal the wood and make it easier to clean.

5. Drill holes where you will be putting in the knobs. 

6. Stick screws through the backside of the wood.

7. Screw on glass knobs.

You can purchase these knobs right on Amazon.

And you have a necklace holder! This can be used of course to hold whatever you want, scarves, coats, jewelry, glasses.

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