Friday, April 12, 2013

Life Size Zombie Wood Cut Out


How to make a zombie!

Step 1

Buy the wood and cut out the shape of your zombie! I just bought sheets of pine. Or you can do it backwards like me, I paint first then cut out the shape.

Step 2

Start painting! I start with the face, but you can start wherever you like! Just make sure to start with the base colors such as the skin tone for the face and the clothes color. Adding the details on top of these is best.

Step 3

Fasten cut out parts together.

Step 4

Add garnishments. AKA fake bugs, buttons, hooks or whatever your imagination inspires! 

Step 5

Once you have it painted seal it with Mod Podge. It will look white when you paint it on but it will dry clear.

Step 6

Since he is kinda heavy, make sure to screw him into wood studs.

There's still a couple more things I'm doing to this zombie, and I'll update as I add onto him.

And you have now been Zombified!