Friday, January 11, 2013

Whimsical Handcrafted Pastel Picture/Noteholders

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What you will need:

Wood cut out shapes. (Flowers and hearts)
Wood block
Wooden Dowels

Step 1

Paint the wood shapes, including the top shapes, clothespins and the bottom blocks. You can paint the dowels if you choose to also.

I also painted the back with a glitter gloss just to sparkle it up a bit.

Step 2

Drill a hole on one side the clothespin. If you do not drill the hole first then the clothespin will likely split when you try to screw the screw through it. You can drill a hole into the block also to hold the dowels.

Step 3

Glue buttons onto the top flower or heart. Let dry.

Step 4

Use a little screw to screw in the clothespin into the flower or heart and onto the block.

Stick the dowels into the block and you are done!

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