Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY Purple Vintage Style Wooden Signs Wedding Favors

Step 1

You will need to cut several pieces of wood to about 7" long.

Step 2

Sand any rough edges.

Step 3
Drill two holes in the top corners of the wood, 

Step 4

Paint the wood whatever color you choose. I painted each side different colors. 

 Step 5

Stencil on flowers or whatever pretty stencils you have. Also stencil on words or phrases.

Step 6

Sand the corners and edges and go over each one lights with a sanding square, to give it the distressed, weathered look. This will be what gives it that "vintage" look. After you sand it you can varnish it to give it a shiny finish if you want to.

Step 7

Add the wires to the wood to make a hanging sign. 

 And you are done! 

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