Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY Cottage Shabby Chic Light Blue Desk

Here are some simple steps to help remake your old desk, chair or table. Turn an old boring piece of furniture into the most colorful attention getter in the room. These are the easy steps to dressing up your piece. 

Step 1

Sorry I forgot to take a before picture of this desk. If I can find one in old pictures I will post it. But anyways, the first thing I did is remove the hardware and sanded the whole desk. I just sanded it enough so that it was roughed up enough that paint would stick to it, moistly just getting rid of any glossy surface.

Step 2

Next, I painted the whole desk dark brown. I just used my craft acryllic paint that I have onhand. I usually water it down just a bit to help it spread easier and smoother by dipping the paint brush in water before I dip it into the paint.

Step 3

After the brown coat dries, go over patches of it with white and gray. I didn't use any pattern just randomly painted part gray and white. These colors are going to be what shows through when you sand the desk later to make it look weathered.

Step 4

After those layers of paint dry. Paint over the entire thing with light blue paint. (Or whatever color is going to be your main top coat.)

Step 5

After the top coat dries, which will take a couple hours, you can sand over the whole desk. Pay particular attention to the edges and corners. You want to sand enough so that the bottom colorsr (gray and white) start showing through especially along the edges. 

 Step 6

To make the desk look a little more weathered I took a screwdriver and hit the drawers leaving little knicks and dents in them. 

Step 7

At this point, after all the paint is dry and sanding is done, you can seal it if you prefer to. I used Mod Podge and just painted it over the whole desk. You can use gloss or Matte. I would of preferred Matte on this project but only had gloss on hand so used it. 

Step 8

As soon as the sealer is dried you can add the hardware back on. It usually just unscrews and screws right back in on the back of the drawer. You can use the old hardware or find some new knobs online or at Home Depot or other hardware stores.

You are finished! You now have a pretty shabby chic cottage desk!

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