Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DIY Handmade Purple Distressed Recipe Holder

Dark Purple Distressed Recipe Holder

 What you will need:

1. Wood
2. Sand Paper
3. Stencils of Letters
4. Short Screws
5. Cup Hooks
6. Paint and Brushes
7. Mod Podge
8. Clips

Step 1

 Paint the two pieces of wood different bright colors. These colors will shine through later when you sand the wood.

Step 2

After the bottom coat with the bright colors dry, paint over the whole boards with dark purple. (Or you can use whatever colors you want of course, I'll just describe what I did.) Let dry.

Step 3

Sand the wood until the bottom colors start to show through. Pay attention to edges or corners or any grain that stands out in the wood, sand extra over these parts so that you can see the wood pattern. This will give the project the distressed look. It should look like this. 

Step 4

After you achieve the look you like when sanding, you can seal your project with Mod Podge. It will look white but it will dry clear.

Step 5

Measure out where you want your clips to be on the board. Remember to make them big enough to fit an index recipe card. Take your clips and screw them on with short screws. 

Step 6

Stencil the word recipe onto the smaller piece of wood. 

Voila! You have your own handmade Recipe Holder! 

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