Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blue Handmade Lottery Ticket Holder

Blue Handmade Lottery Ticket Holder
 Step 1

What you will need:

1. Wood
2. Metal clips
3. Paint and Mod Podge (if you want to seal it)
4. Hooks to hang your project
5. Sand paper

Paint the wooden board black.

Step 2

When black layer dries, paint over the whole board with blue or whatever color you choose. 

Step 3

Sand the whole board lightly, paying attention to corners and woodgrain. Sand until you like the level of distressed look you achieve.

Step 4

Stencil on the letters saying "Lotto Ticket" or whatever you want said on there.

Step 5

Once the stenciled letters have dried you can Mod Podge over the project to seal it.

Step 6

Screw on the metal clips. Make sure your screws are short enough to not poke through the back of the board. You can also add your sawtooth hanger on the back now.

Your project is complete!

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