Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mural for my Granddaughter's Room

This blog post is a work in progress and I'll be adding to it as I keep adding to the mural.

Step 1: Adding the blue sky. We just took a damp towel and swirled light blue onto the wall. Since the wall was white it worked perfectly showing through white steaks to make the sky look cloudy naturally.

Adding in green for the grass.

Painting the clouds in.
 I have never been good at painting clouds so I used this video as a reference.

Stenciling in some butterflies, snails and mushrooms.

Adding the tree branch.

Adding leaves.

Touching up after stenciling on the leaves.

Adding pink flowers.

Adding some highlights onto the branches.

After filling in some brighter colors.

Monday, November 11, 2013

DIY Baby Blocks

Step 1

Get prints of your favorite pictures. For these I took pictures of the mommy to be and daddy to be from when they were babies, and then now, with them together as a couple. You can either use regular photos or you can print them from your computer. If you print them from your computer just  make sure to use a light coat of glue so they don't wrinkle. 

Step #2

Cut the pictures to the size of the blocks. It makes it look way better. I didn't follow this step and I noticed that the pictures that are the same size as the block look better then the ones that were smaller. You can cut the exact size by laying the block on the picture and drawing around it, then cutting.

Step #3

Buy Blocks. You can get them at any craft show or online. Here's some from Amazon.

Step #4

Sand them if seem like they need it. Sometimes the edges are a little rough.

Step #5

Glue the pictures to the block. You can use regular glue or wood glue. Let dry for an hour.

Step #6

Paint the other sides of the blocks. You can use whatever colors you like but it's cute to use different colors on each side. Let dry for an hour.

Step #7

Stencil on letters, imagines, such as flowers or butterflies and let dry again.

Step #8

Take sanding paper or a sanding block and sand lightly around the edges of the block. Also sand lightly around the edges of the picture. This will give your block an "antiqued" look.

Step #9

When you are done sanding, seal your block with Mod Podge. You can paint right over the whole block, including the picture. It will not ruin or smear it. Mod Podge is also non toxic which is good to know when making crafts with or for youngsters. I would suggest using Matte for this project. Sometimes if using gloss the blocks will stick together if stacked for a long time. Let dry and you are done!

You can get all the supplies you need right on Amazon!