Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weathered Menu Sign with Vintage School House Chalkboard

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What You Will Need

1. Wood
2. Paint and brushes
3. Sand paper of dremel tool
4. Chalk board
5. Hooks
6. Fork and Spoon

Step 1

Cut out board, about 15' long.

Step 2

Sand the edges until smooth.

Step 3

For the top board that says "menu" instructions:

Paint a base color that you want to come through to make it look weathered when you sand it. Paint it something bright. I used white for the base coat.

Step 4

Paint four block of differenet colors. I used burgundy, blue, green and burgundy again. Let dry. The paint or stencil on the letters M.E.N.U.

Step 5

Sand over top paying attention to corners and edges.

Step 6

Glue on a fork with super glue or wood blue.

Step 7

Screw in hooks, two on top and two on bottom of sign.

Step 8

I ordered vintage chalkboards on ebay, but you can make your own or go to your local craft shops to find a chalk board. Screw two hooks on the top of the chalkboard to connect it to the MENU sign.

Step 9

For the chalk holder, I took a paper towel holder and cut off about an inch and a half. Wrap hemp string around it and hot glue it on. Cut a little circle out of remaining cardboard and glue it into the bottom. Then super or wood glue this onto the chalkboard for a chalk holder.

Finished Project

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