Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vintage Looking "Eat" Sign

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What You Will Need

 1. Wood
 2. Paint and brushes
 3. Mod podge or sealer
 4. Sand paper
 5. Wooden spoon
 6. Chalk
 7. Cardboard papertowel roll
 8. Hooks
 9. Craft wire
10. Blackboard paint
11. Super glue

Step 1

Cut the wood and sand it. 

Step 2
I wanted to weather this wood and make it look vintage. So I painted the first coat a mixture of bright colors like  turquois and white and a couple others. After that coat dried I painted white, burgundy and green squares. Then wrote the word "Eat" inside. One letter per color. I painted the letters different bright colors for contrast also. Let dry.

Step 3

Sand over it all until you see the base coat colors coming through. After sanding it you can either leave it as is, or go over it with a wet towel dipped in other colors to age it even further. Then go over it with Modge podge or sealer to seal it. If you want it to be shiny use gloss if not use matte.

Step 4

Attach hooks for hanging on the top sign.

Step 5

Drill holes.
  • Drill two holes on bottom of Eat sign.
  • Drill four holes, two on each side of the spoon for the wire to go through.
  • Drill two holes on the top of the chalkboard.

Step 6

Take a board that is about 15x11 and spray paint it with chalk board spray paint. Let dry.

Step 7

Attach the "Eat" sign to the spoon then to the chalkboard using craft wire. The stronger wire the better. To keep secure, twirl the ends around a paintbrush.

Step 8

To make the little chalk holder:

  • Cut about 1 1/2' of a paper towel cardboard roll.
  •  Cut a circle out and glue it to the bottom so chalk wont fall through.
  • Glue and wrap hemp string around the cardboard roll.
Fill with either toothpicks or chalk for a cute detail.

Finished Project

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