Monday, October 8, 2012

"Purr-fect" Kitty Handcrafted Picture Frame

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What You Will Need

1. Wooden frame you can buy at Walmart or the Dollar Store.
2. A piece of wood cut to about 7x7 or whatever your preferred size is.
3. Pain and Brushes
4. Mod podge or sealer
5. Wood glue
6. Wood pegs

Step 1

Cut out a piece of wood to about 7' x 7'. Sand until smooth.

Step 2

Drill a hole in the bottom of the back of the base piece of wood for wooden peg to stand up picture if to be used as a table frame. Cut wooden pegs to about 1 1/2'. (You can use one hole or up to three.) You can attach a hanger on the back to in case you want to hang the picture frame.

Step 3

Paint piece of wood and picture frame. I did them contrasting colors but it's up to you whatever colors you want to use.

Step 4

 If you want the weathered look, sand over the top of the paint paying attention to the edges and corners. Then rub over a second color paint with a wet washcloth or paper towel.

Step 5

Paint with Mod podge or spray with sealer. Let dry.

Step 6

Use wood glue to glue frame onto the base.

Step 7

Write whatever quote you want, or you pet's name. In this one I put "Purr-Fect."  Then add little paw prints by dipping the end of your paintbrush into paint and dabbing it on the frame.

Finished Product


Purchase on Etsy

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