Friday, October 5, 2012

Pizza Pan Refrigerator Magnet

What You Will Need

1. Pizza Pan or cookie sheet
2. Hot glue gun and wood glue
3. Beads, jewels or buttons
4. Wood Shapes
5. Contact paper or fabric
6. Magnets

Step 1

Put the contact paper up to the cookie sheet and press down the middle part. Use a pen to draw the circle you will need to cut out.  Then cut out shape.

Step 2

Remove backing of contact paper and  stick down to pizza pan. You can use a book to get out air bubble. Just push it slowly across the contact paper. If you use fabric, do the same thing but use glue around the edges to stick down.

Step 3

Line the outer circle of the contact paper with jewels, beads, buttons or whatever you decide to decorate it with. Glue down with a hot glue gun.

Step 4

Stick adhesive magnets on the back of the pizza pan. The stronger the better.

Finished Project

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