Saturday, October 27, 2012

Palm Leaf Green Family Wallhanging

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What You Will Need
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1. Wood
2. Paint and brushes
3. Sand Paper
4. Stencils
5. Mod podge or sealer
6. Hooks to hang plaque

Step 1

Cut the wood to prefered size. This one in the picture is pine cut to 13" x 7".

Step 2

Sand the edges of the wood.

Step 3

Paint a base color. I chose black for this project.

Step 4

Paint a top coating. In this picture I use Palm Leaf Green.

Step 5

Sand over top color so that the base coat shines though. Pay attention to corners and edges to give it that vintage look.

Step 6

Stencil on lettering. You can use whatever saying you want. Just look on Ebay, Amazon, Walk mart or your local craft stores for stencils.

Step 7

Paint over the whole project with Mod podge or spray with sealer.

Finished Project
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