Sunday, October 7, 2012

Handmade Burgundy Dog Leash and Accessories Holder

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What You Will Need

1. Wood
2. Hand Sander and Dremel Tool
3. Paint and brushes
4. Wood glue
5. Hooks
6. Hangers
7. Mod podge or sealer

Step 1

Cut out square and sand until smooth.

Step 2

Paint the wood and frame whatever color you prefer. If you like the weathered look sand the edges and go over with a second paint color using a wet washcloth or papertowel.

Step 3

Paint frame and wood with sealer or Mod podge.

Step 4

Use wood glue to glue on the frame to the base.

Step 5

Screw in hooks and the hangers. I used two bigger hooks on the front for leashes and four small hooks along the bottom for brushes, toys or keys.  On the top you can use whatever kind of hardware you prefer to hang up the picture.

Step 6

You can personalize the frame if you want. You can add your dog's name or write a quote like, "My Stuff."

Finished Product

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50 Extra Heavy Duty 2 Hole D Ring / Triangle Picture Frame Hanger

IKEA Ram 4" x 6" Photo Frame Set of 3

OOK 50684 7/8-Inch 30 Pieces White Vinyl Mug Hooks Tidy Tins

Stanley Hardware Double Prong Robe Hook #810002

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