Monday, October 8, 2012

"Cat-titude" Green Picture Frame

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What You Will Need

1. Wooden frame and plaque.
2. Paint and brushes
3. Mod Podge or sealer
4. Sand Paper
5. Craft wire
6. Wood glue

Step 1

If there are any rough edges, sand them.

Step 2

Drill holes for wires to connect frames.

Step 3

You can paint this just one color if you want, but I'm going to explain here how to make the "weathered" look with bright accents.

So if you want the "weathered" look paint the plaque and frame some really bright fun colors.  I used white, orange and light blue.

Step 4

When the base coat dries, paint your main color on top of it. I used a sage green color. Let dry.

Step 5

Sand over both pieces, paying attention to edges and corners. Sand until you see the other colors coming through.

Step 6

Paint over project with Mod podge or sealer.

Step 7

Use a paint pen to write the words, "Cat-Titude" and to personalize frame if you want. Then dip your paint brush end in white paint to make paws.

Step 8

Attach the plaque and frame with wire. Use your paint brush to curl the ends.

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