Thursday, October 4, 2012

Black & White Country Cats

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What You Will Need

1. Wood
2. Paint and Brushes
3. Dremel Tool or sander 
4. Wood Shapes
5. Sealer
6. Hemp String
7. Drill

Step 1

Cut out shapes out of wood:
*Two cats
*Two sets of paws
* Two tails

Step 2

Sand until smooth. 

Step 3

Paint the cats and base, little wood color  shapes and tails and paws the colors you prefer. Let dry then paint on faces and add speckles. Let dry.

Step 4

Sand along edges and lightly over body to give it the weathered look.(Optional) Go over it with a secondary  color to stick to the sanded areas. In this examply I chose turquoise.

Step 5

Drill holes around cats necks so you have somewhere to put the hemp string through for their collars. Also drill two holes through the little wood shapes for the collars.

Step 6

Seal with acrylic spray or Mod Podge. You can use gloss or matte, whichever you prefer. Let dry.

Step 7

Screw base to the bottom of the cats and use wood glue to secure.

Step 8

Tie string around necks and attach wood shapes. 

Finished Project

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