Saturday, September 22, 2012

Handcrafted Key Holder

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Cut a square piece of wood then sand the edges.
Make sure to get the edges good.
Paint a "base coat." I usually use white.

Let Dry
Start painting your design.

After painting the basic design spray with sealer. If you are going to use a paint pen to paint in details like in the picture below, paint these outlines and details "on top"of the sealer after the sealer dries. I have found out the hard way that acrylic sealer will make a paint pen ink run.
Fill in details with a paint pen. Its so much easier and cleaner looking then trying to do it with a brush.
Next screw the hooks into the bottom and "Voila!" You now have a key holder! Just drill a hole on the back side for a nail. Now just hang it on the wall!

Finished Product

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