Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Folk Girl" Wooden Wall Hanging "Note Holder"

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What You Will Need

1. Wood
2. Paint & Brushes
3. Drill
4. Sand Paper
5. Craft Wire
6. Wood Glue
7. Clothes pins

 Step 1

Cut wood into three plaques.

Step 2

Sand the wood until smooth.

Step 3

Paint base coat and let dry.  When first coat dries, using a stencil brush or sponge you can put watered down secondary colors, like different shades of green, yellow and purple..just lightly sponge over the base coat. Let paint dry.

Step 3

Paint your decoration on the plaques. Make sure to do the bases first, the color of the face and colors of the flowers. Don't do details until the base decoration is painted. Let Dry.

Step 4

Spray with sealer or paint with Mod Podge in aerated area. Let dry.

Step 5

Do detailed work with a paint pen now. It is important to do this after the sealer dries, because sealer will make the ink run if done prior.

Step 6

Drill holes in the boards where you will need to connect the pieces with wire.
* The top board will need two holes on the top and two holes on the bottom.
* The second board down will need two holes on the top and two on the bottom.
* The third board down will only need two holes on the top.
Make sure all the holes line up.

Step 7

Use wood glue to glue down the clothespins on the bottom board. You can use however many you want. 

Step 8

Connect the pieces with craft wire. Use your paint brush to curl the wire at the ends for fastening.

Finished Project

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