Monday, September 24, 2012

Country Snowman

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What You Will Need

  1. Wood
 2. Scroll saw or Jigsaw
 3. Sand paper
 4. Paint
 5. Paint Brushes
 6. Fabric
 7. Buttons
 8. Sticks
 9. Hat or yarn and baby hat
10. Hot Glue

Step 1

Draw snowman shape on wood.
 Step 2

Cut out shape with a jigsaw or scrollsaw. You'll need the shape of a snowman as well as a rectangular piece for the stand.

Step 3

 Sand the snowman and stand until smooth.

Step 4

Paint a face on your snowman and paint your stand whatever color you want it to be. If you want to antique or weather it, wait for the paint to dry. Sand the corners and edges of the snowman and stand. Then with a wet towel or paper towel dip it into the secondary shade of paint you want the accent to be. I usually use white, brown but you can use whatever you want. Rub the paper towel with the paint on it, across the snowman and stand. The color will stick to where you sanded it, but will wipe off on any painted surface. After you do this let dry.

Step 5

Spray both pieces with Acrylic Sealer or paint it with Modge Podge. You can use gloss or matte, whichever you prefer. Let Dry.
*If you are going to use a paint pen for any details, you will want to do this AFTER you spray with acrylic sealer as this will make it run.

Step 6

Hot Glue the buttons on the front of the snowmen. If you made boots for him, you will want to hot glue those on too now.

Step 7

Drill a hole in the base (stand), right in the center so you can screw it onto the snowman. Also drill a hole on each side of the snowmen to stick his arms in. You can find sticks outside and I usually spray them with a coat of sealer just so they are cleaner. I don't glue these in, just in case they break so you can stick another one in.

Step 8

Decorate your snowman with a hat and scarf and whatever else you would like.

Finished Product
To Purchase "Country Snowman" Click Here

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