Saturday, September 29, 2012

Country Blue Key, Leash & Note Holder

What You Will Need

1. Paint and brushes
2. Craft Wire
3. Piece of wood
4. Clothepins
5. Hooks
6. Sandpaper

Step 1
Cut piece of wood to size you want. Sand the wood.

 Step 2
Paint base color that you want. On this example it was off-white. Let dry. Also paint clothespins.

Step 3
To give it the "weathered" look, sand the board, paying attention to the corners and edges especially. One sanded take a moist paper towel and dip it in a second color of paint. In this example, light blue. Run it over the board. The color will stick to where the board was sanded. The more you wet the paper towel the less it will stick (or highlight the secondary color).

Step 4
Stencil or paint the lettering/words you want to use.

Step 5
Add hooks. You can put them along the top, the side and along the bottom.

Step 6
Use superglue to glue on the clothepins.

Step 7
Drill two holes in the top of the board for you hemp string or craft wire to hang up project.  Add wire and curl ends.

Finished Project

Finished Project

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