Monday, September 24, 2012

Coral Heart Key and Note Holder

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What You Will Need

 1. Paint & Brushes
2. Wood
3. Hooks
4. Clothespins
5. Stencil 
6. Wood glue
7. Hemp string

Step 1

Cut out wood and sand.

Step 2

Paint wood whatever color you choose. If you want to "weather" it, sand the edges of the plaque after the initial paint dries. Then go over it with a wet paper towel dipped in another color of paint of your choice. I usually use brown or off white. The exposed parts of the wood from sanding will take on the secondary color. The parts that are painted will wipe clean and original color paint will remain.

Step 3

Stencil heart and write words.

* If you are writing words or adding details with a paint pen, make sure to do this after sealing the wood if you are using spray on sealer, otherwise it will run.

Step 4

Spray on sealer, or paint on modge podge sealer. If you are using a paint pen for anything on the project, wait until sealer dries then do this detail word.

Step 5

Drill hooks on outer edges about a half inch in. Put hemp string in to hand up plaque.

Step 6

Screw in hooks into bottom of plaque. I use four but you can use how many you want.

Step 7

Use wood glue to glue on clothespins that will hold notes.

Finished Project
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